StrategiaEnergeticaPentruRomani: We need an Energy Strategy for Romanians


by Dumitru Chisalita, Energy Expert

In full campaign of arrests, disclosure of flagrant corruption cases in all areas, of accusations more or less proven at the highest levels, we try to return to normality, or, better said, to what matters for the future of this country. We were lucky with a winter that hasn’t created any type of problem energetically speaking, but it does not mean we can rest on our laurels. Major problems of each country are first related to ensuring energy security. But this objective can only be reached when one thinks in perspective. Romania’s energy strategy has entered again into obscurity.  Everything that had been tried in the short period of office of Mr. Razvan Nicolescu has sunk into oblivion.  There’s an idea that we would better give again the project for drawing up the energy strategy in the hands of specialized companies. Extra charge, of course. We hope it will not happen this way, at least as long Romania still has specialists who can prepare this strategy, for Romania and for the Romanians. The success of PretCorectLaGaze campaign shows the need and importance of public awareness on energy issues, especially when they cause major economic, social and environmental changes. From the desire to meet both institutions and public opinion, we propose a new campaign of debate at the level of the civil society, as a platform for issuing opinions, creating scenarios, assumptions and strategic objectives in the field of energy. All these in order to contribute to an Energy Strategy with and for the Romanians. The public interest in this field has brought various opinions, publicly expressed on the occasion of conducting the public debate on the first stage of the project for drawing up Romania’s Energy Strategy. I believe the public deserves to receive a first sign, including thanks for the effort taken in reading the document and formulating opinions. As member of the working group that aimed at proposing a draft Energy Strategy of Romania, which was to be submitted for public debate and initiate a Political Pact, on assuming strategic objectives in the perspective of 2035, please allow me to THANK everyone who dealt with this document an invite you to continue this approach to prepare the first Energy Strategy for the Romanians. Decisions in the energy sector have major and long-term implications. Therefore, the citizens’ opinion should be known in this regard. They must be properly informed and consulted on the energy mix of the country in the perspective of 2035, through the impact on the lives of citizens, related risks, effects on the environment and climate change. Eliminating absolute poverty, halting the process of poverty and its reduction to an acceptable social and economic level, increase in welfare, access to education and health, employment, real income growth – they all have a strong link with energy. The strategy always has a purpose, for the energy sector it could be keeping a permanent balance between the resources of the society and the needs of citizens and companies, taking advantage of favorable occasions occurred at national or international levels and limiting dangers that threat Romania. The energy strategy should be preceded by the definition of concepts (such as energy security versus energy independence, energy intelligence versus energy; energy antipoverty versus social protection; energy code versus individual legislation specific to every energy sector; communication versus secrecy), setting objectives and related targets. Absence of clear concepts and accepted at society level (politicians, civil society and academic environment) makes certain concept that should be strictly followed, in setting and pursuing strategic objectives, be circulated randomly and inconsistently. The subliminal message is in fact rather an energetic confusion. The current “energy games’ will have effect in the next 5-10 years and will be decisive for the next 20-30 years as access to sources, access to transmission routes and positioning in the energy markets.

In order to initiate a debate on the Energy Strategy for Romanians, to bring to the forefront the urgency of this strategy, I want to launch the campaign StrategiaEnergeticaPentruRomani (Energy Strategy for Romanians), on



I want to dedicate this campaign to the colleague from the team that worked at the Energy Strategy of Romania operating in 2014 within the Department for Energy, Mr. Professor Aureliu Leca, gone too soon among us. Mr. Professor Aureliu Leca was a remarkable figure of Romanian energy, innate strategist, who has continuously tried for 25 years to open the minds of leaders on achieving an Energy Strategy. Only several weeks ago, discussing about the initiative of establishing a working group, as civil society, to continue the activity started in 2014 in order to achieve an Energy Strategy for Romanians, he replied, with gentleness that characterized him: the Energy Strategy is an obligation… With this urge, I invite you to join this initiative, because Romania needs an Energy Strategy for Romanians.