The price of gas as commodity has increased by 4.43 times in the last year


by Dumitru Chisalita

An analysis by the Intelligent Energy Association shows an increase by 4.43 times in the price of gas as commodity in the last year, gas sold on BRM. This increase in gas prices will lead to chain price increases for all products, increases that will probably range between 10% and 30%.

Transactions performed on BRM with delivery in H2/2021 show that this price increase trend will continue in Q4/2021, being likely to reach the peak in Q1/2022, when the price may exceed the value of RON 200/MWh. This situation is also reflected in the price of gas consumed by household consumers. Therefore, all household consumers that last year moved to the competitive market will pay for the next year prices by 75-105% higher. Respectively a consumer who lives in a house paid in the coldest month of last winter a bill of RON 778 and will pay in the winter of 2021/2022 a bill of RON 1,592. Given that many of household consumers concluded a year ago contracts in the competitive market, contracts which will expire in July – September 2021, consumers should be very careful these days, as contracts in general contain clauses for the extension of the existing contract at the price communicated by the supplier by a simple notification, without requiring the signing of a new contract. Therefore, the consumer will find itself in the situation of paying these prices in the following year, in absence of choosing another supplier. Consumers must request from the current supplier the price offer for the new contractual year, compare it with the price offers in ANRE comparator and if they find better offers to choose another supplier.

Translation from Romanian by Romaniascout.