The Department for Energy: It’s excluded for Romania to have problems with Russian gas supplies


It is “excluded” that Romania’s population be affected by the disruption of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine, because there is enough gas stored in the underground storage facilities, and production exceeds consumption, Energy Minister Razvan Nicolescu said in a communique. “Together with the gas transmission operator, Transgaz Medias, I made this morning (Monday – Ed.) an analysis of the situation and, from the data received, it results that we already have stored over 1.4bcm of natural gas. Moreover, in the last month and including to date, Romania’s domestic production exceeds national consumption, which helps us a lot. And, let’s not forget, summer months are coming, during which consumption decreases naturally”, Nicolescu said in the communique. Russia’s Gazprom, from which Romania imports gas indirectly, on Monday said that it had warned the European Commission on “potential disturbance” of supplies, if Ukraine, to which Russia decided to stop supplying gas without advance payment, takes gas from the transit volumes, AFP reported.