Structure of natural gas mixture for April 2013


I. Proposal of SNTGN Transgaz SA

 Source:  The substantiation report regarding the natural gas demand and the sources for covering such demand, report drawn up by SNTGN Transgaz SA and sent to ANRE (The Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority), according to the joint order of  MECMA (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment) / ANRE (the National Energy Regulatory Authority) / NAMR (National Agency for Mineral Resources) no.1284/27/160/2011.



* According to the Government Emergency Ordinance 53/2011 and the joint order of MECMA/ ANRE/ ANRM no. 1284/27/160/2011, for household consumers and heat producers, only for the amount of natural gas used to produce heat within the cogeneration plants and thermal power stations meant for the consumption of the population, the structure of natural gas mixture is calculated differently.

**The structure of natural gas mixture does not apply to the technological consumption.

***Pursuant to the Government Decision no. 870/23.08.2012, the amounts of natural gas from domestic production used by natural gas producers, holders of oil agreements, to produce electricity in their own gas-fired power plants are exempted from the compliance with the structure of natural gas mixture established/authorized by the National Energy Regulatory Authority.

Storage program – April 2013


II. Structures of natural gas mixtures established/authorized by ANRE