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Premium article: Rompetrol Rafinare and Rompetrol Petrochemicals to disrupt their activity for one month


Rompetrol Rafinare (BSE: RRC) and Rompetrol Petrochemicals, companies member of the Rompetrol Group, will disrupt their production activity for one month, during March 1st – April 8[cleeng_content id=”829242414″ description=”Buy a translation now! This article has 2183 characters with spaces. ” price=”3.49″ t=”article”]th , to complete the scheduled technological works, which will cost over USD 55mln, according to a communique submitted on Friday to the Bucharest Stock Exchange. The staged restart of the technological facilities on Petromidia industrial platform will start on April 8th. Works will be coordinated by Rominserv, the general contractor of the Group, and consist of equipment revision and modernization, in line with the new processing capacity of the refinery, the increase of the safety degree in operating the facilities, compliance with the ISCIR legal provisions (State Inspection for the Control of Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Hoisting Equipment), but also the implementation of environmental protection projects, according to the national and European legislation in force. Over 1,800 people with various specializations (mechanical, electrical, automation, civil construction, corrosion treatments etc.) will complete these works, during which 1,211 pipes, 371 equipment and 545 pressure relief valves will be reauthorized on Petromidia platform. The two companies of the Group will ensure during this period product supplies to clients from stocks. The group has completed in 2012 an extensive program to increase the processing capacity of Petromidia refinery, from 3.8mln tons to 5mln tons of raw material, the investment amounting to approximately USD 380mln. Initiated in 2006, the package aimed at completing nine major projects, building five new facilities (the mild hydrocracking plant, hydrogen production plant, sulfur recovery plant, nitrogen generation plant and a new flare system), as well as modernizing/expanding other four existing facilities. In parallel with the capacity increase program, the Rompetrol Group has also developed other projects necessary to support it – building the terminal in the Black Sea for crude oil supplies, tripling the transit capacity of petroleum products through Berth 9 of Midia port, rehabilitating the park of oil and finished products reservoirs, building the LPG import-export terminal. The total amount of raw material processed by Rompetrol Rafinare in 2012 was 4.05mln tons, up 4% compared with the level reached in 2011.[/cleeng_content]

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