ROMGAZ supports completion of the Southern Corridor as a first step of national strategic intentions


On the fifth annual meeting of the Southern Gas Corridor Advisory Council (SGC Advisory Council), taking place today in Azerbaijan, Romgaz restated its support for the development of the Southern Gas Corridor, while considering to continue the transmission infrastructure by finalising the Bulgarian-Romanian Interconnector and BRUA Project, in the context of developing the relationship with Azerbaijan and the potential partnership with SOCAR.

Romgaz CEO, Adrian Volintiru signed the “Letter of Intent” addressed to SGC Advisory Council, chaired by the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev. Romgaz expressed in this formal letter the interest to analyse the opportunity to use the Southern Corridor infrastructure to secure natural gas supply safety and the possibility to diversify the gas sources both for our country and for neighbouring countries as well. Adrian Volintiru declared: “By signing this document, Romgaz and Romania implicitly, intends to become an important player with a strategic role in the region and a trustworthy partner for the countries involved in the achievement of these large projects. Romania is already involved in the development of the Vertical Corridor and it is interested in taking over important gas volumes from the Southern Corridor. Against this background, Romgaz will continue the cooperation with similar companies involved in the construction and operation of the Southern Corridor”.

During the official visit in Azerbaijan, Romgaz delegates had bilateral meetings with SOCAR representatives to discuss and set cooperation guidelines for the following period. SOCAR representatives expressed interest in becoming Romgaz partners in projects of common interest and in operating not only in Romania and Azerbaijan, but also in other countries of potential interest for both companies.

Adrian Volintiru stated: “Our visit at SOCAR was made within the context of identifying new cooperation opportunities that gives Romania a strategic importance in the region and that may offer new business opportunities for Romgaz. SOCAR availability to identify together with Romgaz cooperation alternatives, confirms that Romgaz is acknowledged as a solid partner in the future regional development plans”.

The fifth meeting of SGC Advisory Council was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Energy from Romania, Azerbaijan and Turkey and of the other states involved in the project together with European senior officials as well as representatives of the World Bank, BEI, BERD and International Finance Corporation (IFC).

ROMGAZ Press Office

20 February 2019