Romgaz and Transgaz headquarters to stay in Medias, while the tasks from Bucharest will be established by the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors


Headquarters of Romgaz and Transgaz will stay in Medias, while strategy activities, institutional relations and international relations will operate in Bucharest, organized within secondary offices. “These measures will not involve layoffs or staff restructuring at the two companies, the companies’ managements operating at the headquarters. The concrete measures (duties, competences and staff structures) will be established by the competent management bodies (the General Assembly of Shareholders and the Board of Directors)”, a communique of the Ministry of Economy reads. Minister for Energy Constantin Nita met in Bucharest with Sibiu Prefect Ovidiu Sitterli, the vice president of Sibiu County Council, Marcel Constantin Luca, the representatives of the Gaz-Romania Trade Federation and of Transgaz and Romgaz unions. The Ministry of Economy stated that Romgaz and Transgaz are companies of national interest and would stay in the state’s portfolio. Media in Sibiu has lately written about rumors according to which Minister Delegate for Energy Constantin Nita planned to transfer Romgaz’s headquarters from Medias to Bucharest.