Romania’s price of imported gas fell 15% in February y/y


Average price at which we will import Russian gas in February and March will be USD 420/TCM, according to estimates of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE). A year ago, in February 2012, the price of imported gas was USD 493/TCM, by 15% higher than this month. Also, in March last year, Russian gas was worth USD 481/TCM, according to ANRE reports. For households, the final gas price will increase as of July 1st by 8% and as of October 1st a new price increase will take place, of 2%. For the industrial consumers however, the price was increased by 5% as of February 1st, as a result of IMF requirements. The next stages of the price increase for this year are April 1st (by 5%), July 1st (5%) and October 1st (3%).

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