Natural gas prices for industrial consumers up 5%


Natural gas prices increased as of February 1st by 5% for non-household consumers, according to a Decision published in the Official Gazette, providing the increase stages in 2013-2014 and estimated hikes of final regulated prices for household and non-household consumers in correlation with the percentages estimated in the Memorandum on the Schedule for the Elimination of Regulated Natural Gas Prices approved by the Government in June 2012. The acquisition price of natural gas from the current domestic production for suppliers ensuring directly consumption on the regulated natural gas market is RON 49/MWh for non-households and RON 45.71/MWh for households, as of February 1st 2013. Until the end of 2014, the price will be RON 119/MWh for non-households and RON 54/MWh for households.

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