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MOL’s fuel sales in Romania increased last year by 4%


MOL Romania’s fuel sales went up last year 4%, from 451,000 tons in 2011 to 469,000 tons, due to advance recorded by the Hungarian oil and gas group on diesel retail. “In Romania, fuel sales increased in line with network development and intense marketing activities, reaching a market share of 12%”, the group’s financial report shows. MOL sold last year in Romania 338,000 tons of diesel, by 6% more compared with 320,000 tons in the previous year. Gasoline sales stagnated at 126,000 tons. In Q4, total fuel sales increased by 4%, to 122,000 tons, evolution supported, as for the entire year, by diesel trade. Diesel sales climbed 5% in Q4, compared with the similar period of the previous year, to 88,000 tons, and gasoline sales stagnate at 32,000 tons.