Lucian Stancu, Romgaz spokesperson: There are initiatives to set up a representative office in Bucharest, but it does not involve moving the headquarters of the employees


There is an initiative to establish a secondary office of Romgaz in Bucharest, but it’s about a representative office. The proposal was made by the Office of State Ownership and Privatization in Industry, the majority shareholder of Romgaz, and is likely to be discussed in the General Meeting of Shareholders from late this month, according to a press release of Romgaz management. It does not involve however moving the headquarters to Bucharest or staff redundancies or moving the personnel. Below you can see the entire communique of Romgaz’s spokesperson, Lucian Stancu. “The initiative of establishing a secondary office (representative office) in Bucharest belongs to the majority shareholder, represented by OPSPI (the Office of State Ownership and Privatization Industry) and aims at streamlining the relations with the state institutions and authorities and consolidating the company’s business and operations by improving the communication with companies that SNGN ROMGAZ SA Medias has business relations with and which are based in Bucharest. The establishment of a secondary office (representative office) is made, according to the provisions of Law 31/1990, by a decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and does not involve staff redundancies. Currently, there is no restructuring plan and thus there is no question about collective layoffs at the level of SNGN ROMGAZ SA Medias. The establishment of a secondary office does not involve moving the employees from the current headquarters of the company to another location”, Lucian Stancu, spokesman of Romgaz, stated.

Source: Nova TV