Gas prices to increase by 8% as of July 1st


The Regulatory Committee of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) approved on Friday the increase by 8% of natural gas prices for household consumers and by 3% for industrial consumers, ANRE informed. The increase is stipulated in Order no. 46/2013 on the approval of prices for regulated supply of natural gas, approved on Friday. According to ANRE, due to favorable conditions of import prices and the import demand for meeting consumption, the increase in the final price for non-household consumers is lower than that predicted in the calendar for gradual elimination of regulated prices, of 5%. “The National Energy Regulatory Authority, in compliance with the Calendar of gradual elimination of prices for the regulated supply of natural gas, calendar agreed with the international bodies and approved by the Government of Romania, by measures taken, estimates for 2013 an increase in the final price for consumers lower than that stipulated by the calendar”, a communique of the institution reads. According to ANRE, this year natural gas prices increased as of February 1st only for non-household consumers, the price increase being, on average, of 5%, according to the calendar approved by the Government.