EIA: “Romania ranks the third in Europe in terms of shale gas reserves”


Romania ranks the third in Europe in terms of recoverable shale gas reserves, according to EIA data (U.S. Energy Information Agency), after Poland and France, according to website infogazedesist.eu, launched by the National Agency for Mineral Resources (NAMR), within the public information campaign on this matter. Romania holds, according to EIA estimates, 1,444bcm of unconventional gas reserves. Gheorghe Dutu, NAMR President, stated for Bursa newspaper that he was much more cautious in terms of shale gas reserves: “Estimates have been given by many companies. Some are more optimistic, others more pessimistic. I maintain my opinion that we will find out more data on such reserves of Romania after we will have finished the explorations”. According to an EIA report from June, shale gas increases by 47% the potential recoverable natural gas reserves at world level. Shale gas reserves account, at world level, for 32% of the total natural gas reserves, the U.S. agency also says.