Azerbaijan wants to bring gas to Romania through TAP pipeline


Azerbaijan plans to export to Romania part of gas to be brought in Europe through the future TAP pipeline, but for this an additional infrastructure is needed to link Greece to Bulgaria and Romania, SOCAR Romania CEO Hamza Karimov said on Thursday. “We are considering for the coming years to bring gas through TAP pipeline to Romania and to continue AGRI project”, Karimov said at a conference on the occasion of the anniversary of 20 years since the Azerbaijani state signed the first oil exploitation contract in collaboration with several international companies. Subsequently, he mentioned it wasn’t about the extension of TAP in Romania, but about the fact that gas brought from Azerbaijan through this gas pipeline could reach Romania, but only provided that interconnections are built between Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. In terms of AGRI project (Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania Interconnector), Karimov pointed out that the state of Azerbaijan was still interested in this gas transmission route, but the feasibility study hadn’t been completed yet, so no decision was made so far.