ANRE has developed the technical code of liquefied natural gas


The National Energy Regulatory Authority has developed the technical code of liquefied natural gas, which sets the minimum technical requirements specific to LNG and defines the state authorities with powers and competences in this field. Romania plans to build a LNG terminal in Constanta, within the AGRI project (Azerbaijan – Georgia – Romania Interconnector). The project provides the transmission of natural gas from Azerbaijan by pipelines to the Georgian coast of the Black Sea, its liquefaction and transport by sea with special vessels, followed by a regasification process in the terminal from Constanta, loaded again in pipelines and transported further, to European consumers. “The minimum technical requirements for LNG import, offloading, regasification, including ancillary services and temporary storage facilities necessary for the regasification process and subsequent delivery in the transmission system are based on European and international norms and standards”, an Order of ANRE President approving the technical code of LNG shows.

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