AGRI project has been slowed down by funding problems, the Azerbaijani Energy Minister believes


AGRI project – for the transmission of natural gas from the Caspian Sea and Central Asia to Europe – has encountered problems due to funding issues and misunderstandings between the companies, Energy Minister Natiq Aliyev stated in Baku. He also said, during a meeting with Romanian officials, that Azerbaijan would have in the future enough resources to supply both projects: Nabucco West and TAP, but for the moment only one must be chosen. About the AGRI project, Azerbaijani Energy Minister Natiq Aliyev said: “We have established all the necessary companies, all the necessary framework, but we did not understand why it was going very slowly. We had to find out why it happened and I think the main issue was funding (…) We guarantee the construction of the pipeline to Georgia and for the subsequent sections we suggested the establishment of investment groups coming with the money and investing in the LNG units”.